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    Paint and make your own fun and exciting designs with Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE using a wide range of Bin Weevils imagery and tools.

    Store all your favourite designs and view and edit them from Dosh’s Gallery.

    Have fun using all the amazing special effect brushes and tools available from different areas of the Binscape!

    Use Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE to have hours of fun painting, drawing and creating designs with many unique effects!

    Put your canvas in a spin with the washing machine effect, or turn on the electric fan to make your designs go wild!

    Get crazy with the TV feedback effect, add dust speckles, multi coloured brushes, colour bursts and much more!

    Utilise the wacky and wonderful brush tools: paint with the elephant trunk, decorate with the paint roller, or make your design shine with the glitter pen!

    Hang out with your favourite Bin Weevils characters in some of the most iconic locations from the award winning online world.

  • Choose from over a thousand Bin Weevils images for your own designs.

  • Plenty of easy to use brushes and cool tools!

  • Fun special effect brushes!

  • Loads of crazy canvas effects to choose from!

  • Mix your own colour combinations in Lab’s Lab!

Bin Weevils