The Quivering
The Quivering
The Quivering
"The Quivering would be in my top 10 best adventure games in any year"

"Extremely atmospheric and well presented" PC Gamer

Get ready for the most spine-chillingly exhilirating adventure game we've ever produced! Set in the dark and foreboding village of Warty Hollow, The Quivering follows the fortunes of young Spud, as he tries to save his uncle, Olivetti Franken-Stamp, from the diabolical spell cast upon him by the big cheese from Hell, Big D.

Batty old Uncle Olivetti has found a gateway to Dimension X during his recreational chemistry experiments and accidentally opened a doorway for all the foul-smelling ghoulish monstrosities of the netherworld lead by the putrid, slimy and totally evil Big D. WeÕre talking vampires, zombies, skeletons and swamp monsters.

As Spud, you must defeat Big D's dark tyranny and change your uncle back from a raven, simultaneously rescuing the whole world from hell and eternal suffering. Can you take the heat?

*All of the characters move freely around in a full 3D 360 degree universe.

"The more you play the Quivering the more it grows on you" PC Home Magazine

"Highly recommended" PC Gaming World

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