Alternative Software hold the official licence to Super League and bring a unique look and feel to the digitised version of the sport. Sky TV's own commentary team of Eddie Hemmings and Mike Stephenson have been drafted in to provide the in-game vocals and therefore Pro Rugby becomes the first game to feature two commentators relating all the action to the player.

A unique graphical style also adds greatly to events on the field with different caricatures being employed to represent the forwards and backs in the game. This makes it easy to identify who has the ball and whether they will have the speed to race through a gap and score or the power to attempt to crash over the try line from close in.

Journalists who have seen the game have given it glowing reports and have indicated high review scores. Top stars in the game such as Robbie Paul have given it the thumbs up. Regardless of which code you follow, or even if you've never seen a rugby ball before, Super League Pro Rugby will provide hour upon hour of enjoyment rarely matched by a PC game.

Super League Pro Rugby retails at £5.99

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