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Rugby League to be played in thousands of new venues!
Rugby League 2 for PlayStation 2 and PC

The game follows on from the highly successful 2003 release “Rugby League”, which debuted in Australasian charts at number one.
Building on the powerful game engine that was embraced by both gamers and people passionate about Rugby League, the game developer Sidhe Interactive has spent over 12 months creating a brand new sequel, packed with all new functionality and refined game play, graphics, controls, and competitions. Players, sponsors, and stadiums have all been updated to reflect the 2005 season.
“We were delighted at the success of the first title,” said Roger Hulley Managing Director of Alternative Software Ltd. “We have continued to develop our relationship with Super League and other clubs, over the past year and we are all very excited about this new product”.

New features of “Rugby League 2” include -
- Multiplayer online play for all platforms, allowing competitive and friendly play over the Internet, player rankings, and statistics.
- All major teams including the SuperLeague, a selection of Division One teams, N.R.L. teams, State of Origin and a range of International Teams.
- Brand new gameplay features including ball stripping, shoulder barges, diving on and kicking the loose ball, contesting the high ball, pass to playmaker and more.
- New multi year Franchise Mode, including player contract management, injuries, judiciary, and mid season representative games.
- More detailed, lifelike players
- Lifelike animation, motion captured by Weta Digital, the VFX wizards behind The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
The Super League version of Rugby League 2 is released on PlayStation®2 on December 8th 2005 and on the PC mid December 2005 from Alternative Software Ltd.

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